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043YGSR1Imagine being able to cut and polish a rough sapphire into an exquisite gemstone… Imagine if you could take that gemstone and work the gold around it to create an exclusive piece of jewellery….

This is what we do every day. Lucky? You betcha!

As we live on the Central Qld Sapphire Fields we also fossick for the Sapphires. Talk about cutting the “middle man” out! We do not treat the Sapphires. They are dug out of the ground, cut and polished then set into gold.

We are proud of our high quality, Australian made jewellery and gemstones. Our sapphires are cut and polished with precision to a high polish and sparkle. We have individual sapphires if you are designing your own piece of jewellery or need a replacement stone.

We use 9ct Yellow Gold, 9ct White Gold and 18ct Yellow Gold for our Sapphire rings, pendants and earrings. We design the jewellery around the stone creating different, unique jewellery pieces that enhance the gemstone.

We love doing what we do and hope that you also like what we create. We hope that when you have a special event approaching, you will consider what we have to offer.

The only thing that would be even more special is if you were to come to the Central Qld Sapphire Fields, go for a fossick and try your luck at finding your own sapphire/s to make into a gorgeous ring or pendant!

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